Rubber Roof Repair Raleigh, NC

For the experienced commercial roofing specialists at Ready Roofing, a rubber roof repair is a basic task. This common kind of commercial roof system can last a long time with the right roofers on the job. We provide all sorts of roofing services to clients in Raleigh, NC. To get a free roof estimate, give us a call at (919) 807-1361.

Free Roof Inspections

When a rubber roof is leaking, some people make the mistake of replacing it too soon. A lot of the time, a leak seems to be the end of a roof simply because you are working with the wrong roofing contractor. Roof leak detection is second nature to the experienced roofers at Ready Roofing. We’ll locate the source of any of your rubber roof’s leaks so that they can be permanently repaired.

A rubber roof leak is usually caused by seam separation or a tear/rip in its membrane. Also, roofs with little-to-no pitch can develop ponding water if the drainage system isn’t working right. This ponding water can cause a lot of issues when left unaddressed for too long. No matter the issue, we’ll get to the bottom of things quickly to mitigate any water damage.

Other Services

Realistically, we won’t know the best way to go about fixing your roof until we come over to have a look. It may be the case that your rubber roof needs to be replaced. Our company takes on projects of all sizes.

We also restore different types of commercial roofs with roof coatings. A roof coating offers seamless protection to the surface of your roof. This lightweight layer stops new leaks from forming. It also makes a roof reflect the sun more effectively which can lead to up to 30% lower energy costs.

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Ready Roofing continues to raise the bar for other roofers in Raleigh, NC. Our craftsmen have been working on rubber roofs for years now. If your commercial roof has a leak, reach out to us today at (919) 807-1361 to set up a free roof inspection. Whether you need a roofing contractor for a rubber roof repair, roof coating, or roof replacement, we’re prepared to provide the best.