Roof Inspection Cary NC

Did you know that if you neglect your commercial or industrial roof it could lead to premature replacement? Not only that, it could also lead to a loss of revenue and even possibly damage your inventory. Unfortunately, many business owners who put off regular roof inspections learn that the hard way, which is why our team at Ready Roofing tries to educate business owners and property managers of the benefits of regular roof inspections.

Industry studies have shown that when you have your roof inspected twice a year, traditionally in the spring and fall, then after any extreme storm event, you could avoid premature replacement and save on repair costs! If you can’t remember the last time your roof was inspected, don’t hesitate to call our team at Ready Roofing. We will provide a roof inspection for your Cary, NC property and get you on the right track. All it takes is a call to 1-855-ROOFER-0.

What do we Look for?

When providing a detailed roof inspection, there are many facets that we look at to provide a full status update for your roof. These include:

  • Signs of water infiltration – This can come from tears, rips, blisters, punctures, separating seams, and more!
  • Damaged flashing – If your flashing is improperly installed or damaged, water could penetrate your facility and cause damage to your structure.
  • Ponding water – Areas that retain water 48 hours after rain becomes a problem. This water not only adds unnecessary weight to your facility, but it also can deteriorate your roofing membrane and lead to a premature replacement.
  • Drainage – If your drainage system is not functioning properly, water will not recede off the roof. During our inspections we will make sure that your gutters or drains work properly and are free of any blockages.
  • Debris – Any debris that sits atop your roof can cause damage, including rips, tears, punctures and more. Removing these in a timely manner will help the life of your roof.
  • Storm Damage – With all our inspections we make sure that there are no signs of weather damage.

Time for An Inspection

If you’re ready to find out the status of your commercial or industrial roof, call 1-855-ROOFER-0. We will inspect your roof and present you with any issues that we found, then we’ll provide you suggestions for ongoing maintenance. Our team is always here to help you get the most out of your commercial roof.