Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs are among the most durable, eco-friendly commercial roofing systems available today. In addition to being readily fireproof, metal roofs are practically impervious to many of the issues that commonly afflict other roofs.  However, if your metal roof has been neglected or was improperly installed, it can be more susceptible to a variety of problems.

The professionals at Ready Roofing are experts at roof repair for all metal roofing systems. Call us today at (919) 807-1361 to access our specialized metal roof repair services.

High-Quality Metal Roof Repairs In North Carolina

The experts at Ready Roofing have more than 40 years of combined experience providing high quality metal roof repair services to building owners and property managers in and around Raleigh, North Carolina. While today’s metal roofs are generally well-protected with durable coatings that prevent rust and corrosion, the non-metal components of your roof can cause problems:

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  • Loose flashing
  • Failed seams
  • Failing fasteners
  • Failed butyl tape or sealant
  • Scratches
  • Chalking
  • Poor installation
  • Loose drip edges
  • Faulty boots
  • And more!

At Ready Roofing, we are trained in the proper repair of many types of metal roofing systems. Our roofers not only ensure your metal panels shed water away from your roof, but can also treat the underlying water barrier components that keep any water that finds its way under the metal from penetrating your roof.

With regular, professional maintenance and repairs from Ready Roofing, there is no reason your metal roof should not last much longer than the projected 30-50 years.

Ultimate Repair With Metal Roof Restoration

Ready Roofing also offers a full lineup of metal roof restoration services, for those instances when small, local repairs aren’t enough. Benefits of our restoration coatings include:

  • Seamless, monolithic waterproof protection from roof edge to roof edge.
  • Up to 85% reflectivity, for utility savings of 30-50%
  • Lower rooftop temperatures of up to 80 degrees
  • Exceptional resistance to wind, hail, and UV radiation
  • Faster and less expensive than roof replacement
  • Can extend the lifespan of your roof by 10 years or more
  • Optional, non-prorated warranties of up to 18 years

Before you continue sinking money into ineffective repairs or spring for a full-scale roof tear off and replacement, give the experts at Ready Roofing a call at (919) 807-1361.

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Ready Roofing is a fully licensed and insured metal roofing contractor. When you hire Ready Roofing to fix your metal roofing problems, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. We have served more than 250,000 satisfied Raleigh residents, so give us a call today at (919) 807-1361.