HOA? Our Roofing Company has the Experience

Do you live in a community where there are HOA guidelines for your roof? If so and you are in need of a roof repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call our team at Ready Roofing. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners associations and are here to help you navigate through the roofing process.

Homeowners associations have legal rights under the law which allows them to regulate your property. This includes your exterior design, fencing, yard upkeep, and even your roof! If your roof needs a hand, we can help you through the HOA process, all while continuing to protect your home.

When you’re ready for our assistance, please call 1-855-ROOFER-0.

Complying with HOAs

When you are a resident of a community with an HOA, replacing or repairing your roof becomes a more complicated endeavor. In order to begin, you need to fully understand what is required to be complaint. We will help you determine the answers to these questions:

  • Is there an active HOA that we need to be mindful of?
  • What are the roofing covenants that we need to be aware of?
  • Where do the plans get submitted to and how long is the approval process?

After we have found the answers to these questions, our team at Ready Roofing can help you find a style of shingles and color that is comparable to your home, while keeping in line with your HOA guidelines.

Your roof is an expensive investment, and we want to ensure that we do everything required to have HOA compliance.

Durability and Appeal

While your roof is a functional asset that provides protection to your home, family, and possessions, it doesn’t have to skimp on aesthetics. Our team has numerous roofing options and colors for you to choose from, all from manufacturers leading the roofing industry. Don’t worry though, all of our options will be approved by your HOA before we begin your project.

When you work with Ready Roofing, we will take the complex HOA process out of the equation and provide you with the support you need. Call 1-855-ROOFER-0 to get started.