Fortified Roof Grant Program

Policy holders in beach communities can now seek grant funding to help fortify and strengthen their roofs. Plan ahead and have greater peace of mind before the next storm or hurricane.

The ‘Strengthen Your Roof’ program offers up to $6,000 in grant funding to have a FORTIFIED Roof™ installed. There are a limited number of grants available and they are awarded first-come first-served, so sign up today to see if you are eligible. We can help you walk through the process to have a stronger roof before the next threat to your home.


North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) and North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (NCJUA) are offering grants to homeowners who qualify. Two contractor bids are necessary to ‘Fortify’ your roof. The Ready Roofing team will work hard towards being your contractor of choice.

Check Your Eligibility

Our team can help with the entire process.

    Industry-Setting Standards

    FORTIFIED Roof™ construction standards were developed based on extensive field and lab research of structural damage caused by wind. Knowing that the roof is the first line of defense and consequently the most vulnerable section of any building, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) replicates hurricanes in their lab to ensure FORTIFIED roofs will stand up to real world weather.  Ready Roofing is here to help keep you protected.

    A FORTIFIED Roof™ installed by Ready Roofing can give you the peace of mind that your home is structurally resilient to protect you in severe weather and meets the standards of the IBHS.

    Steps in the Process

    Ready Roofing makes it easy

    1. Contact Ready Roofing
    2. Receive walkthrough guidance
    3. Submit grant application
    4. Seek a competitor bid
    5. Secure grant funding
    6. Schedule your project