CEO Biography

Justin Woodruff

Justin grew up in Knightdale NC where he developed a technical background doing AV installs at the start of his career. He knew he wanted to do something different, to have his own business and become a success. After moving to Clayton NC, he ventured on to do just that. There were important people along the way that nudged him towards the path of owning a roofing company.

His family has always been his first priority. After marrying his wife and having two kids, he decided he needed to do everything he could to provide for his family. Being a husband and father always came first in Justin’s life and he knew he had to make a change to obtain financial freedom for him and what was now his whole world.

Justin always knew the importance of giving back to his community every opportunity he could. After talking to his father-in-law, who has been a roofer for 40 years, he realized the roofing industry might be a good choice. While searching for more information about the industry, he realized that roofing was the way that he could have financial freedom, provide for his family, and give back to his community at the same time.

So, he started Ready Roofing in 2017, a roofing company that puts their customers at the forefront of everything they do.  Ready Roofing quickly grew into one of North Carolina’s premier professional roofing companies and their stellar customer service came from Justin’s passion for community and giving back. It became the cornerstone of his passion for service and he holds firm to that love today. Ready Roofing not only holds their customer’s best interest at heart, they treat them like family.

Ready Roofing uses this foundation of giving back to participate and sponsor community events. Justin strives for his company to always honor service men and women in a wide array of careers. Ready Roofing is proud to stand with veterans and honors their sacrifice by reaching out and helping veterans in need. Family members and employees come together to volunteer and donate to community projects to impact the area residents in a positive way.

His days with Ready Roofing, like most companies, didn’t start off as a huge success. Justin started from nothing, doing builder work by himself and graduating into the insurance restoration residential industry after growing the business.

At first it was only Justin but, as workers, partners, builders, and other elements of a successful roofing company started to trickle in, Ready Roofing exploded with a commercial division helping the company bloom. Justin made sure that everyone invited into the company had similar morals and cohesive personalities that would ensure they could work together towards the success of the company.

Justin didn’t want to create just any roofing company. He knew the stigma behind some of the less legitimate companies in the industry and he wanted to be different.  The whole purpose of having his own company was to ensure its success. So, he maintains the highest of standards not only for those who work with him, but also himself. Because he started as a builder, he knows what it’s like to be on a job and treats his workers the way he would have wanted to be treated; with respect and dignity.

The first thing that Justin teaches his roofers is to “put yourself in the customer’s shoes”. He realized that having to call a roofing company is one of the biggest struggles a homeowner has to face and working in the NC area, it’s something they have to deal with often. From hurricanes to hail, there are so many causes of roof damage that homeowners have to handle. Not to mention having to fight their insurance company.

Justin makes sure that there are trained professionals at the ready to help customers handle making an insurance claim. He saw that having a knowledgeable contractor assist homeowners through the insurance claim process was more beneficial than having the insurance company come out. Being able to point out the little things that the average eye wouldn’t notice is why Ready Roofing always offers a step-by-step walkthrough of filing a claim properly.

Ready Roofing prides itself in providing honest, reliable, durable services with the customer’s best interest at heart. We understand that starting a major project can be overwhelming and most roofers won’t take the time to explain the process in excruciating detail.

We strive to help homeowners feel confident that we’ll do an amazing job by detailing our process and answering any and all questions honestly. Along with our quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and efficient services, we also ensure fair market pricing on all our jobs and work with our customers to give them the best roof for their budget.